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Our company purpose is to empower everyone, and we have set forth on a mission to empower one billion people at work by the year 2050.

Our journey began in the Food & Beverage Industry, where we provide thousands of front-line operators with high-quality, real-time data through our AI/ML-driven Pocket Factory software platform, to enable them to make their 35,000+ daily decisions in real-time.
77% of the global workforce is actively disengaged* at work. Why? They don’t feel empowered.
As manufacturing experts and data scientists, we’ve seen first-hand consequences when front line associates aren’t empowered to make daily decisions due to incomplete, confusing or inconsistent data. Not only does it increase their disengagement at work, it affects bottom lines of operations, human resources and financial teams.

*State of the Global Workplace Report - Gallup​
Real-time associate
decisions can empower
billions of lives.
For 5 years, Quantis.ai has empowered the front-lines at Coca-Cola with POCKET FACTORY software — by providing real-time data in the flow of work to enable better decisions.

We've seen how Pocket Factory has increased team success, operational efficiency and supply chain accuracy. However- what we didn't expect was to hear from front-line associates on the shop floor about how access to Pocket Factory's real-time data in the flow of work has helped them to make better decisions faster than before.

We were pleased to learn that they felt empowered. But, what really surprised us was when they told us that their newfound feelings of empowerment were creating more happiness at work - giving them more energy to focus on what matters most - the 2 billion families and friends waiting for them at home.
Impacting billions of lives starts by
empowering the front lines.
Will you decide to empower everyone?
Did you know that the average human makes 35,000 decisions a day? But, how do we know if all of those decisions are the right ones? This unlocked insight helps explain the power of Ai/ML platforms, like Pocket Factory, to improve daily decision making of every team member by providing real-time, high quality data in the flow of work. Now, leaders have the ability to scale high velocity decision making - by investing in innovations like Pocket Factory that can give leaders more peace-of-mind that the 11.7 million decisions made annually by one team member are of the highest quality.

Ai can multiply the decision-making power of everyone at work, unlocking happiness at both work and home. We’re ready to empower everyone with tech-driven innovation. Will you join us?
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