Solving complex beverage-manufacturing problems using the power of hidden machine data and ML/AI.
Whether you’re looking for reliable line-level overviews or connecting your data across multiple factories, Pocket Factory ensures you have the data you need and trust.
Saved per line thanks to prolonged part life cycles
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance allows beverage manufacturers to anticipate and prevent equipment failures by using real-time monitoring and advanced analytics. This proactive approach allows maintenance to be scheduled during planned downtime, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing lost uptime.

By analyzing historical data and equipment performance trends, manufacturers can confidently know when and where maintenance is actually needed, getting more use out of your existing parts and reducing costly maintenance overhauls. On average, Pocket Factory clients extend the life of their parts by 36%.

Predictive Maintenance also...
  • Enhances the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Continuously monitors key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Identifies issues in real-time and provides resolution guidance

With Pocket Factory, there’s no interrupting the production process and no additional team or reporting software needed for insights.

Increase in stability and availability
Line + Quality Monitoring

Using Real-time 2D and 3D visualizations, Pocket Factory provides both production and condition monitoring of all lines and machines. Our platform provides up-to-date information about all shifts and lines, including cycle times, throughput, and efficiency. This timely information allows workers to prevent time and product loss, easily identify the root-cause of failures, and ensure product quality.

Line Monitoring also...
  • Analyzes all historical data and reveals trends
  • Monitors and analyzes consumption values like power, water, air, CO2
  • Provides users with the status of all lines across all locations in one connected platform
  • Sends notifications and alerts directly to users when anomalies or limit violations are detected

Pocket Factory pulls data directly from PLCs and/or external sensors. Our team will audit your existing machinery to determine the most efficient combination of software and hardware to capture all available data–we only recommend the deployment of sensors when it’s necessary to help you reach your goals.

Less energy consumption annually
Energy + Consumption Monitoring

Sustainability is top of mind for both businesses and consumers alike. Pocket Factory can help ensure you’re hitting your sustainability targets by providing reliable reporting on energy and raw-material usage, and reducing product loss.

Sustainability Solutions...
  • Allows users to set custom thresholds and alerts when limits are exceeded
  • Continuously monitors product quality to prevent raw material waste
  • Alerts to any rapid deterioration or anomalies that increase energy usage
  • Analyzes historical data, charts, and tracks trends over time

Through monitoring and alerts, manufacturers can easily see water and energy usage, and make decisions to reduce their operations' overall waste and carbon footprint. This makes it simple to preserve natural resources and reduce the operational costs of your lines.