Introducing PocketFactory

Industry 4.0-Ready Predictive Maintenance for Bottling Plants

Make Bottling Plant Operations Smarter, Safer, and More Profitable.

Reduce maintenance cost by up to


Lower yield losses
by up to


Drive down energy consumption by up to


How Will Predictive Maintenance Impact Your Plant?

Decision Making

See the full picture

Make quick informed decisions based on targeted KPI’s. Pocket Factory seamlessly connects to your production operation to leverage the complete picture of your plants performance. Enabled by real-time 2D and 3D visualization of your production lines, plant managers can easily manage and drill down into the performance of each machine.

Risk Detection

Avoid costly downtime

Put predictive maintenance to work with alerts to potential maintenance risks before they become a problem and realize at least 25% savings.

Cost Optimization

Manage energy consumption

Waste is not an option in today’s world. Excessive waste can also be a costly challenge. Pocket Factory helps you determine true service needs on your machine assets so you can effectively manage energy consumption.


Meet sustainability requirements

Reducing water consumption, carbon footprint, raw material reduction. 

Innovative Technology for Innovative Bottling Plants

Scalable To Meet Demanding

Production Environments

2D-3D Visualization

Oversee an accurate and real-time 2D and 3D view of production lines that include color animations showing the operation states of individual machines

Engineering Tool

Create custom projects with this build-it-yourself tool

SAP Integration

Seamlessly integrate production data through a bi-directional data exchange using an IIoT Platform and SAP 


A full map overview of all machines/ lines/ plants on one connected platform

Bottleneck Detection

Identify any operational time stealers to boost line efficiency

Condition Based Maintenance

Limit violations based on exceeded values


Compile all plant information and line data into one user-dependent dashboard


Access user comprehensive reports that provide a standardized and comparable evaluation of production situations

Edge Computation

Control data between the shop floor and the cloud while generating high-speed KPIs


Analyze and graphically track the history of any measurement or use case over a selectable time range

Predictive Maintenance

Obtain various sources of information and mathematical functions to create a predictive maintenance analysis

Quality Management

Verify production quality to ensure accurate processing and use of raw materials


Use an RBM function to create any KPI(s) and solve more complex tasks

Data Validation

Continuously monitor all data and information objects while avoiding incorrect and fake data input

Consumption Management

Monitor and analyze consumption values like power, water, air, CO2

Notification & Escalation

Improve essential response times to notifications and alarms with escalation management 

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