Use Case
Say Goodbye to Unscheduled Downtime: Proactive Problem Solving Through Bottleneck Detection
The Problem
Due to the connected nature of lines, deterioration or malfunctions can go undetected until your plant goes down. In the event of a plant shutdown, maintenance teams are forced to perform an arduous and manual root cause analysis.

This delay in identification of errors extends unwanted downtime, costing plants up €75k an hour and sabotaging plant performance goals.
The Solution
Pocket Factory’s Bottleneck Detector continuously monitors data streams and detects, in real-time, all faults in production equipment that affect the lead machine. Our algorithm predicts the future behavior of each machine and notifies of any rapid deterioration or abnormalities via SMS or email. Operators can quickly uncover the root cause of failures and take corrective action immediately, preventing costly breakdowns.

The Bottleneck Detector can make predictions without hands-on analysis from manufacturers after only a few weeks, compared to the months-long learning processes of our competitors.
Use Case Results
Reduction in machine downtime
10 day
Reduction in response time
Reduction in product loss
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