Use Case
The Science of Consistency: CIP Monitoring Ensures Brand Quality for Beverage Manufacturers
The Problem
Beverages with sugar and flavor intensive products must ensure the proper Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) protocols are run during changeover processes. If variables like step sequence, temperature, time intervals, and flow regulation are not met, manufacturers risk compromising product quality–and in some cases, may even risk product contamination and unmet food safety regulations.

Additionally, incorrect usage of additives such as caustic or other cleaning agents may deplete a factory’s raw-materials and affect ESG targets. If not monitored closely, plants are at risk of lost revenue, brand reputation, and potentially, shut down.
The Solution
Using your specific CIP matrix as a base, Pocket Factory determines if the step sequence, time intervals, and process variables in the CIP are being followed consistently.

Pocket Factory continuously monitors all cleaning and upstream preparation steps, creating a process log, as well as visualizations around execution and possible errors in the CIP process. This continuous and automatic quality monitoring warns users when deviations from pre-set benchmarks occur–allowing interventions to be made quickly, and preventing defective products from reaching the market.
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